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Carpet Repair

Carpet RepairSometimes your carpet needs a little more than cleaning. If you have split seams, burns or tears, waves or ripples, or even permanent stains, Advanced Cleaning & Restoration can help with three different carpet repair services:

  1. Carpet Re-Stretching is our most requested repair. For carpets that are “bubbling” or “buckling”, this procedure lays the carpet back flat again, just like when it was first installed.
  2. Underlay Replacement is recommended when the present underlay is too worn or if bad stains have soaked the padding. For example, if pet urine has penetrated deep enough to become trapped in the underlay, cleaning may not be able to remove the stain and odour and they may continually resurface.
  3. Carpet Cut and Patch is the most cost-effective alternative to replacing carpet due to permanent stains or minor damage. We will replace the damaged carpet with a piece that has been removed from an inconspicuous place, such as a closet, or leftover carpet remnants.

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