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Pet Stain and Odour Treatment

Pet Stain and Deodourize


When “Spot” happens

When deodorizing isn't enough, we may have to take treatment a step further. Some organic based stains can soak through carpet, through the backing, into the underlay and onto the subfloor, further than conventional steam cleaning can reach. In situations where staining is light to moderate, an enzyme based cleaning is quite effective at removing stains and to get out odours from your carpets and on upholstery.

Enzyme treatment has been proven to be effective in correcting pet odour problems such as dog and cat urine, feces, vomit and to remove organic related smells and staining.

Our stain and odour treatment system utilizes enzymes which are complex organic substances formed in the living cells of plants to aid in breaking down other organic compounds. It eliminates the source of organic odours, naturally, leaving a pleasant lemon scent smell.

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